Video Services

Video Services are available in conjunction with Total CCTV Solutions Ltd t/a

Wedding Videography

After listening to the 100's of couples that come to our offices each year looking at the cars we often talk about other services that they are interested in and so often we are asked if we can offer a video service.

Well, for 2010 we now can.

We are not claiming to be total time served experts in this field however we do have extensive video and video editing experience having done a few weddings and also produced corporate videos for motorsports.

We are a down to earth honest company and are offering a service that we are constantly asked for...

That is, a basic, well priced video service. Not an expensive all singing and dancing £2000 video shoot involving 3 operators with 10foot tripods, big 500 watt in your face lights and massive microphones.

Instead, we have decided on offering a couple of different services.

Many couples don't want someone shining a big camera at there guests so if you want just an unobtrusive person blending in with your guests and doing some 'not in your face' videoing, or if you want us to set up a couple of static cameras also or to involve a couple of video operators then please do not hesitate to give us a call and discuss your requirements.

In Car Video

We are pleased to offer the happy couple our In Car Video Service - Unique to Halifax Wedding Cars!

Please note the video clip is of reduced quality and may take time to load due to computer speeds.

Please be patient.

Your big day can be so busy that remembering some of the most special moments of the day can be difficult, e.g the trip to the church or your first cherished moments together in the car after the service.
By using our In Car Video service you can now capture your trip to the church and the drive to the reception on video!

Halifax Wedding Cars In Car Footage In car video from Halifax Wedding cars
A good luck kiss...
Too late now!
A stranger calls out

The video will have audio (optional) to capture those first few words when you are sitting in the car, handed your glass of champagne and the full realisation and emotions of the day hit you!

alisonAmanda in Burgundy Beauford 080808Rich n Sarah in the Royale 190708

Su n Nick in RoyaleEmma and JohnLisa and Jo

The footage will then either be supplied as an unedited DVD, or a short personalised DVD with editing, titles and soundtrack for you.

Video transformed into photographs

In addition to having the in-car video footage we can use the video to capture the pictures that your photographer can't.

In Car VideoIn Car VideoRosa n Craig in Burgundy Beauford

Amanda and Emma in Burgundy Beauford

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information