Worried you might end up with lots of 'unusable' wedding gifts? - Well here's an easy way to 'ask' for money...

Wouldn't it be great if all your guests just gave you some money to buy something for your new home or just some extra money to spend on honeymoon etc,

There are only so many toasters a girl can take!!!

Here's my idea.......

Send the following poem in with your wedding invitations along with a small envelope, then simply collect them in at your reception in a little post box which we supply.

We’ve been together for quite a while
We have a nice home, which suits our style
It’s full of pots and pans and stuff,
Furniture and bedding we have enough
Please don’t buy glass or silver or bedding,
There’s just one thing we would like for our wedding,
To save buying presents and lessen your task,
A couple of quid is all that we ask,
To spend on our honeymoon, and have a great time,
Or just offer us your best wishes, and that will do fine.

Its a good idea and stops guests worrying about what to buy you etc, and because you are enclosing little envelopes, its private so they can give as litle or as much as they like.

It is also great fun the day after the wedding sitting opening up all the little envelopes and counting out the money, deciding what you are going to spend it on!

If you wish to order from me.......

poems with small envelopes to match your colour scheme
Pack of 10 £2.50 (including envelopes)
Pack of 25 £6.00 (including envelopes)
Pack of 50 £10.00 (including envelopes)

However you are more than welcome to copy this poem and print out yourself!

For further information please call Jane on 01422 350245